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Judgment and shame, meanwhile, encircle the practice, and from parts of all communities. Are you aware you could go on the sex offenders list for doing what you’ve done?

’ He was trying to scare us.”One of the policemen took their names and addresses and asked about previous convictions before leaving them with another officer to check their details.

On one occasion at Liverpool Street station, he says, “The police came along with a mirror on the end of a long pole.

This officer was going along with this mirror, along the tops of the cubicles, and banging on doors.

The fear expressed by Tim and Andrew, and the wider anxiety among many, especially older gay and bisexual men, is informed by extraordinary behaviour by some officers throughout decades of targeted crackdowns and entrapment of men in public lavatories, drawing accusations of brutality and homophobia.

As such, the picture formed by the cottagers has several faces: For some, it is a shadow of what lies outside.

For others, a burst of oxygen in otherwise airless lives. And they did not see the police entering.“Just as I was coming the cops appeared,” he says. Tim is muscular and tattooed, with deep laughter lines and an unusually expressive way of speaking, as if trying to conjure the feeling of each word with his tone. ’ They took us upstairs and said, ‘Do you know that what you were doing is illegal?

But that of course included looking at people on their own having a poo.

I was outraged.” Michael says he also witnessed this technique at Manchester Victoria railway station.

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